Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Eva's 2 Months on Sunday!!!!

Well it's been a long time since I've done a blog. I've been just a little bit busy with the new baby, but she's napping contentedly and I have a few minutes to post some new pictures. Some of the pictures are blurry because we got a new camera and I was just messing around with the settings, so please be patient and hopefully we will have some super cool pictures posted soon.

Eva is almost 2 months old! She is definitely more alert and can recognize Mommy and Daddy's voices and faces. She loves to sit in her bouncy seat, or lay on her back, but most of all she loves to be held. She is already practicing holding her head up and she's getting pretty good!

For all you Florida folks, Eva and I will be traveling there from February 5th-11th, so hopefully we will see you!

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The Bigelows said...

She is gorgeous- congrats! Hopefully one of our visits to Tampa will cross, and I'll be able to meet her in person! :-)